About Barbara

Ms. Butler has been in assisting governments, industry and labour associations, and private business in dealing with the issue of workplace alcohol and drug issues since starting her business in 1989. She has worked with organizations in a wide variety of sectors across the country to help them develop and implement alcohol and drug policies. This has included the development of communications strategies and awareness and education programs to meet unique corporate needs, the design and delivery of supervisor training programs (including online training) and the contracting for and setting up of Substance Abuse Professional and testing services as appropriate under the company policy.

She has been directly involved in most of the Canadian legal cases on this issue as we gain a better understanding of the boundaries the courts, human rights tribunals, and arbitrators are setting for company programs. As well, she has ongoing involvement in the implementation and refinement of policies and programs across Canada to meet U.S. regulatory requirements for motor carriers entering the United States. Finally a recent challenge is assisting companies across Canada respond to the rapid expansion of cannabis use for medical purposes and the legalization of cannabis effective October 17, 2018.

Ms. Butler is a regular speaker at national and international seminars and conferences, and was an invited participant and facilitator at the first U.N. conference on Alcohol and Drugs in the Workplace (Seville, 1993), and an invited speaker on the Canadian approach to workplace policies at the 13th International Conference on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety (Adelaide, Australia, 1995), at the Second European Symposium on Workplace Drug Testing (Rimini, Italy, 2000), at the World Forum 2002: Drugs, Dependencies and Society (Montreal) and at the Fourth European symposium on workplace Testing (Dublin, Ireland 2005). She chaired a panel session on drugs and driving at the 2007 International Council on Alcohol, Drugs, and Traffic Safety. (Seattle) More recently the focus has been on presentations addressing the challenge of cannabis in the workplace across Canada.

Further information on the services provided to clients, recent publications and presentations is listed below. Additional detail about the company can be obtained by contacting the company directly at: barb@butlerconsultants.com